For your convenience we offer bulk soybeans at all three of our locations!  Varieties vary by location:

Cortland       Wymore       Denton
93Y70           93Y70           93Y70
93Y72           93Y72           93Y72
P31T11R       93Y84          P35T58R
P33T72R       P33T72R
P34T43R2     P34T43R2
P35T58R       P35T58R
P39T67R       P39T67R


2013 Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment - Soybeans

Option #1: Fungicide + Growth Promoter + Inoculant

EverGol Energy - NEW this year!  Seed and seedling protection against seed-borne fungi causing seed decay and the soilborne pathogens, Rhizoctonia solani and Fusarium

Allegiance FS - Helps to provide systemic control of Pythium damping-off. 

PPST 2030 - Contains three performance-boosting biological elements that enhance nitrogen-fixing nodulation, nutrient uptake and rhizobial activity

PPST 120+ - Inoculant plus extender that delivers a high concentration of beneficial rhizobia bacteria to the plant

Option #2: Add Insecticide to Option #1

Gaucho - Protects against a broad spectrum of insects and provides early-season protection starting at planting, through emergence and well into stand establishment


Poncho/VOTiVO - Combines early-season insect control with protection from all significant nematode types, including soybean cyst nematodes

For more information about Pioneer's convenient ProBulk Soybean System, see the link below:

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